Vista Core Construction

Our core Vista package is anything but basic. It provides a complete set of connected modules designed for efficiency, accuracy, and speed in all aspects of your company’s financial and HR activities. Core Construction gives you our most popular capabilities. It’s a complete package of the tools you rely on every day. This is a tremendous value that keeps your business humming.

Accounting and HR includes:

  • Accounts Payable – Invoice entry and check printing included.
  • Accounts Receivable - Automatically generate and record invoices.
  • General Ledger - Presentation-quality financial statements.
  • Payroll - Payroll checks, tax, insurance reports, plus union and certified reports.
  • Cash Management - Instantly update and post to the General Ledger.

Project Management solutions for:

  • Job Cost
  • Pre-Construction
  • Subcontract Management
  • Purchasing

Financial Reporting. Standard templates include:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheets
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow Statements

Service Management Pack

For customers with a service business, this package has you covered. It gives you the modules you want and need for financials, plus the ability to set up service agreements for recurring customer work. You’ll be able to easily create work orders to manage job scope and billing, keep tabs on your inventory, and use the dispatch board to keep your field techs doing the right work at the right time and place. It’s all tightly integrated with the Vista Construction Core so you can not only pay your techs and suppliers, but get bills out and cash in. Fast.

  • Easy Work Order tracking
  • Streamlined management of maintenance agreements
  • Powerful billing, pricing, productivity and profitability analysis
  • Faster Work Order routing and approval for billing
  • Dispatch board to manage techs and schedule service appointments
  • Inventory Management

Heavy Operations Pack

This package is ideal for Heavy Civil work, adding specialised capabilities to the Core Construction Package. Heavy Ops gives you visibility into material sales and inventory, while also providing equipment management and maintenance for heavy machinery. This is the organisational simplification that your team needs to work efficiently and effectively.

  • Equipment Management
  • Inventory and Parts Management
  • Material Sales

Additional Options

We understand that some users require a bit more specialised control in certain areas of their jobs. That’s why we offer these add-on options to help them power through.

Power Admin
This option gives you the control to customise Vista to your business and the way you work. Powerful features like user-defined fields, custom tables, and configurable work-flows are unique.

Tracking plant hours and maintenance can be a full-time job. For companies with extensive equipment needs, this option puts you in the driver’s seat.

Work Orders
For small jobs and simple tasks, setting up a new project in Vista might be more than you need. The Work Order option allows you to initiate, track, and bill for these tasks quickly and simply.

Productivity & Analysis

Flexible reports, professional financial statements and graphical dashboards work seamlessly to translate data into knowledge to improve job and company profitability.

Features include:

  • Financial Planner – Easy-to-use tools for detailed budgeting, planning and forecasting in key areas such as Operations and salary.
  • Financial Reporter – Create and modify reports without the need for IT assistance, manipulate data in Excel with an advanced export that preserves formulas and formatting and save time with automated report scheduling and distribution.
  • Workflow – Enable multiple people to work through processes simultaneously with notification for each task owner.
  • Business Intelligence – Know where you stand at all times. Align companies around key objectives to help reduce profit fade and drive performance company-wide and graphical reporting allows you to quickly analyse complex data and make better informed decisions.
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Enterprise Content Management

Vista includes a scalable enterprise content management solution that reduces costs and overhead by automating workflows as well as document capture, indexing, and archiving – minimising the challenges associated with paper-based and electronic-based content and their processes.

Features include:

  • Capture – Batch scanning functions that utilise OCR and ICR to simplify and speed the input of data, content, and documents.
  • Electronic Forms – Capture, validate, approve, and route documents with ease.
  • Document Management – Store all documentation, photos, and forms electronically in a centralised system with simple means of retrieval.
  • Workflow Automation – Remove human error, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies from document-based, manual, and time-intensive processes.
  • Mobile Web Access – Upload or download documents, photos, and any other content using the mobile device of choice.
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