Features of Viewpoint For Projects

Built on a Common Data Environment, Viewpoint For Projects includes capabilities for Document Control, Project Communications, Field, BIM, and a powerful level of collaboration and mobility.

“Everyone has access to the current version of the models using BIM Manager. The team gets consistent, easy access to weekly model updates.”

Benjamin Crosby, Director of BIM at Yates Construction

Document Control

Easily manage, access, and share large quantities of documents, such as drawings, specification, schedules, contracts, daily logs, and mission critical reports. With comprehensive document management, you can ensure consistent processes, keeping tasks on schedule, and gain more control of your projects.

Effectively manage site progress by easily creating a photograph library. The integrated viewing feature keeps it simple to distribute drawings to your project team and review documents with the redline and mark up tools. Plus, use the workflow engine to automate and control the review and approval process for drawings, submittals, change orders, and other construction documents.

Benefits include:

  • Simple and easy software that project teams will understand
  • Collaborate effectively on documents with disparate stakeholders, team members and suppliers
  • Maintain all documents and communication in one secure location
  • Control and manage the flow of information
  • Easily view and redline/mark-up documents
  • Conveniently track and manage the update of documents with revision control
  • Quickly upload and download documents without having to log into the system
  • Effortlessly create libraries with access to the very latest documents
  • Capture and control drawings that make up an essential part of any O&M file
  • Ensure everyone is working on ‘one version of the truth'
  • Maintain a clear audit trail and ensure compliance
  • Deliver projects with greater transparency and efficiency for the entire project team

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Project Communications

Facilitate team collaboration with project communication tools that capture and archive the exchange of information and ideas. Documents can be routed through a customisable review and approval workflow and team members can assign tasks with reminders and alert notifications.

Plus, improve communication with tools to manage email and correspondence; every query or instruction process can be captured and stored and is fully searchable—even beyond the completion of the project.

You can better mitigate risk by keeping tasks on track so deadlines aren’t missed. The user-friendly solution offers a familiar look and feel, as well as sophisticated security and permissions to meet your key requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate and easy access to key project information
  • Visibility and transparency across all projects
  • Workflows for routing communications around processes such as change orders, subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Reduce time spent searching and retrieving documents
  • Reduce project communication turnaround time
  • Complete audit trail where emails are captured, stored and can be searched—even after the completion of the project
  • Secure, collaborative structure where users or groups can only see or do what you want
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BIM Manager

Experience a collaborative work environment for faster project delivery. This browser-based solution enables project teams to easily access, edit, and revise models, providing a complete picture of the project. You can be confident that you are working from a single source for all your model information, and so your teams can complete projects faster and more efficiently, from project inception to decommissioning.

Tie your construction processes and information from multiple sources to your model, which allows your project team to easily walk through the most current version of architectural, structural, and MEP models, either individually or in federated views models. Plus users can coordinate and update information; identify risks more quickly; and assign, track, and manage tasks to resolution, and so keep the project moving along.

Benefits include:

  • Collaborative work environment with a single and common place to collect, store, share and manage models
  • Faster project delivery
  • Reduce cost thanks to more consistent data capture and reporting
  • Reduce risk with tools to identify and resolve issues
  • Increase transparency and visibility across stakeholders
  • Easy client handover at the end of a project

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With mobile capabilities — project teams on job sites can quickly and easily record and capture data, make observations, share and manage documents, raise snags, manage safety walks, and track the progress on projects.

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Viewpoint For Projects Desktop

A powerful and productivity-enhancing desktop application that provides access to project documents from Windows Explorer – just like a network drive, Viewpoint For Projects Desktop lets teams collaboratively access and manage documents and drawings from the familiar Windows Explorer environment with security, workflows, visibility and audit capabilities.

  • Interact with documents outside of a browser
  • Eradicate data silos and document double handling
  • Work faster and click less
  • Flat learning curve for new users
  • Save time with bulk drag and drop upload
  • Save-as from preferred editing program
  • Access documents offline
Viewpoint For Projects Desktop screenshot


Rely on Viewpoint For Projects to improve project controls and information capture for better safety, quality, and defect management. Mobile capabilities allow project teams on job sites to quickly and easily record and capture data, share and manage documents, track the progress on projects, and much more.

Complete Flexibility & Security

This highly configurable and secure solution is designed to make collaborating easier with less administration required. Because it’s web-based, there’s no software to install and no costly or specific IT infrastructure to buy. All business-critical applications can be deployed in a cost-effective, scalable, secure, and risk-reducing manner. Flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure while giving you complete control.

Flexibility & Security benefits include:

  • Quickly download and upload documents with the Explorer add-in
  • Easily streamline and track information with the Outlook add-in
  • Robust search options ensure you’ll find what you need
  • Quickly deliver models, drawings and schedules in a single process using a variety of file formats to make publishing simpler than ever
  • Flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure while giving you complete control
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