Viewpoint For Content Management™ for Operations

As a business leader, you realise how important it is to capture and manage critical project content. Because of the disconnected nature of field operations, it is often challenging to share and capture content between the field and the office and the paperwork diverts the project team’s attention from the important tasks of managing the job.

Viewpoint For Content Management addresses the challenge of content sharing and management of project content and Workflow by providing you with an easy-to-access content management application where you can quickly review and approve content, and then share that content with the project teams, giving them quick access to key project content.

Content Sharing

Due to the remote nature of construction projects, it is often difficult to effectively and properly manage communications between internal and external project teams and between the field and the back office.

Project forms are commonly shared between internal and external project teams, with external project teams often needing to be a part of the workflow process for key project content such as RFIs and Submittals.

Viewpoint For Content Management provides integration with more than just Vista; it integrates with critical line-of-business applications like Microsoft Office, Outlook, contract management, and SharePoint to insure that you can get access to key project content from the environments each project stakeholder is most familiar with.


Project Content Management and Workflow

Project Managers and Superintendents capture jobsite photos on a number of different devices that never find their way into the project content store. This makes it tedious to categorise and difficult to search and retrieve. These critical job site photos serve as real time record of project issues making it even more important that they be captured and properly managed.

Viewpoint For Content Management provides a photo management module to capture batches of photos from the field to insure that critical project data is captured in real-time. These photos can be easily tagged in bulk, making search and retrieval of project photos quick and easy…giving you a comprehensive view of what is happening on site in real time.

Viewpoint For Content Management's Outlook integration allows you to spend more time managing your projects instead of content, all the while insuring that critical project emails are captured and stored in the proper location for easy access and visibility to the entire project team.

Learn more in our Interactive Demo specific to you role.

Mobile Extension

The mobile extension helps keep your processes in motion by allowing remote employees to take action on items when away from the office using the web-enabled device of their choice. To speed access and use, the smart viewer only downloads the specific page you want to see, instead of the entire document. Since responsive design is built in, users can bring whatever device they want and still get high-quality renditions of the content they want and need, which they can then zoom and rotate. The mobile extension helps you keep your projects on pace by giving you better access to your content.