Viewpoint For Content Management™ for Information Technology (IT)

As an IT Professional within the construction industry you already know the pains of, supporting a multitude of isolated environments. Some construction projects are faced with limited field connectivity, leaving you and your IT team with the task of promoting adoption of technology in the field that can capture content at the source and integrate that content with the critical line of business applications in use.

Remote Connectivity:
Our customers often share with us the challenges that they face with user adoption of software applications in the field due to the limitations and challenges they face with connection in the field. Field users need quick and easy access to their line of business applications for the best chance of user adoption.

Viewpoint For Content Management provides you with access to content via the web without requiring a remote desktop connection. This provides users in the field with an easy to use web interface that does not require additional layers for login. Users are then able to quickly access and share content between the field and office for better communication.

Managing Multiple Content Repositories:
Viewpoint For Content Management integrates with your existing line of business applications, and not just Vista; file share, Outlook, SharePoint, and Microsoft Office. This allows your users - wehther in HR, Accounting, Legal, etc. - to work inside the applications that they are most comfortable while you only have to manage the data one time in the ECM repository. By having one single content repository, you can effectively carry out corporate archiving and records management plans along with insuring that Disaster Recovery plans incorporate all content throughout the organization.

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