Viewpoint For Content Management™ for Human Resources

Viewpoint understands that you face unique challenges when it comes to HR. Eligibility and compliance, along with insuring that safety requirements for field employees are met, make it increasingly difficult to effectively capture and track critical HR documentation. Viewpoint For Content Management provides tools that enable you and your HR team to effectively capture and track content in the new Hire and onboarding process as well as track employee records.

New Hire/Onboarding:
Paper forms in a typical hire process are time consuming to manage and often result in the receipt of incomplete or inaccurate information. This also makes it difficult for you to track applicants, eligibility for hire and re-hire, and it requires manual setup and data entry into the back office HR system. Electronic Form workflow with Viewpoint For Content Management  provides data validation necessary to insure to that you are collecting and capturing accurate information regarding applicants and new hires.

The employee onboarding forms can now be completed electronically and you can ensure that all information is completed and recorded in the back office system without manual data entry or paper copies. For many of our construction customers, hiring and re-hiring is a theme and having a system that enables you to manage applicants electronically reduces the need for manual data entry and streamlines applicant workflow.

Employee Tracking:
You face time constraints when processing employee changes for benefits enrollment and personnel reviews, causing an even greater challenge in managing and tracking the incoming paperwork. Employees can complete forms electronically and data is automatically recorded in the back office system tied to payroll without manual intervention.

Employee records must be maintained and tracked on a regular basis. With Viewpoint For Content Management  you can easily perform employee record audits and compliance is vast and adaptable.

All internal HR forms are easy for employees to complete and as a byproduct these forms are automatically stored with the employee record, giving you easy access to all employee files regardless of their type: from copies of driver's license and drug test results to I-9s on file for an individual employee. With Viewpoint For Content Management, the Employee Termination process is also cut down from weeks to days as the process is now fully automated.

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