Viewpoint For Content Management™ for CFO

As a business leader you have to depend on technology to make your organization better- whether it’s finding ways to bill jobs faster, trying to increase visibility into key projects, or managing risk. Viewpoint For Content Management provides tools to address AP Automation for increased visibility and process controls to help manage risk.

AP Workflow Automation

Your accounting team is probably spending countless hours doing manual, error-prone, AP data entry.

Viewpoint For Content Management's Automated OCR Capture module eliminates the need for manual error-prone data entry. If you process 3,000 invoices per month, you can nearly double your volume without the need to add additional resources while also insuring better accuracy of data entry.

Viewpoint For Content Management's workflow automation tools allow you to create and design workflows to meet your specific business workflow needs. Whether you use Purchase Orders, or match documents like delivery tickets or maybe you have specific business rules for approvals such as dollar amount thresholds and coding - Viewpoint for Content Management workflow tools will enable you to decide how content flows through the business process.

Process Controls

Audits and claims are unavoidable in construction and require you to allocate valuable time and resources towards gathering content. Viewpoint For Content Management provides a place where all content can be centrally stored and managed – which saves you time, and money.

Easy-to-use search tools reduce the time and resources it takes to gather backup for billings, audits and claims. Customers who use Viewpoint For Content Management have experienced a reduction in audit and claims prep time from weeks to days. Your accounting team can spend less valuable time in their day tracking down AP information for vendor inquiries, approvals, billings, and payments.

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