Viewpoint For Content Management™ for CEO/President

As the leader for your organization you are faced with insuring that your organization is doing everything it can to minimize risks and to ensure that your important business records are easily accessible and being managed properly.

Viewpoint for Content Management offers a comprehensive ECM Suite that addresses compliance requirements with content audit tracking, reduces content retrieval time, and leaves you better prepared for the daily challenges associated with construction management.

Be Prepared and Minimize Risk

The task of managing project content and correspondence is both complex and time consuming. Maintaining your records in such a way that you can easily access the content in the case of litigation or dispute insures that you are prepared for all the curve balls you get thrown at you.

Records Management

You likely have your own way of thinking about content and how it should be managed. And yet, you face the challenge of establishing standardization across a large variety of users and departments. The diversity of users and their unique needs often leads to the use of multiple environments where content is stored and managed with little ability to effectively search or aggregate content.

Viewpoint For Content Management provides powerful search tools based upon content index values, keyword, and Full Text OCR giving you easy options to locate critical project content.

Faster access to content means you can make better decisions. Imagine, you could have everything you need to know at your fingertips, regardless of who captured the content and how they stored it.

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