Features of Jobpac Connect

Accounting and HR

Jobpac Connect fully supports all construction processes and industry legislative reporting such as subcontractor payment reporting to the ATO. Jobpac Connect helps your business process timesheets, track labour costs, and manage human resources activities. The Payroll module is designed specifically for Australian and New Zealand contractors, allowing you to monitor and control your labour costs. It includes the provision of a flexible allowance schedule, while allocating costs and on-costs to jobs for cost control purposes.

Features include:

Project Management features solutions for:

  • Accounts Payable – simplify payables for effective cost control and reporting with directly emailed invoices and banking interfaces.
  • Accounts Receivable – timely cash forecasting and easy receivables management with multiple invoice formats and full integration to progress claim module.
  • General Ledger – easily create and access single or consolidated financial statements with full integration to job costing module; enjoy efficient processing with automatic inter-company accounting, credit card interface, and journal uploads.
  • Payroll – flexible payroll module that adapts to any construction organisation needing multiple costing options, powerful on-costing, and automatic Leave accrual. On-line user time sheet entry and approvals, tax office interfaces, and extensive employee enquiries and downloads make this a user-friendly way to manage payroll checks, file tax and insurance reports complete with union and certified reports requirements.
  • Human Resource – efficiently track competencies, renewals, professional development, training history and cost, applicants, and much more; integrated to payroll and highly secure.
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Project Costing and Management

A suite of project management modules helps you manage and control job costs, subcontracts, variations, claims, and procurement. Sophisticated worksheets for cost code forecasting help project managers stay on top of forecasted costs and margins.

Because Jobpac Connect is a fully integrated accounting and project management system, all job costs and job revenue are updated in the accounting system in real-time.

Project Management features solutions for:

  • All project types – lump sum, cost plus, parent projects, small orders, and others
  • Procurement – straightforward work flow approvals, expediting, allocations, invoice matching, and more
  • Subcontract Management – links to head contracts, automated retention, online authorisations
  • Job Costing – easy retention, built-in escalation logic, and integrated to forecasting
  • Progress Claims – various layout options, claims by percentage, quantity, or amount, and escalation claims
  • Variations Management – fully audited and integrated to subcontracts, progress claims, and forecasting
  • Estimating Interface – interfaces with any estimating package via spreadsheets
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Reporting, Forecasting, and Cash Flow

With Jobpac Connect, you have a powerful and unique business forecasting, contract valuation, and cash flow management tool. Getting access to your data when you need it and in the format that you want is easier than ever. Jobpac Connect provides ad-hoc query and reporting with drill-down to the source transaction, giving you Business intelligence in the format you need. A comprehensive set of preconfigured Forms can be easily tailored to suit your business. These include forms such as Subcontract Payment Authorisations, Payslips, and many more.

You gain:

  • Visibility to key operational financial indicators within a group, company, profit centre, or project organisational structure
  • Peace of mind through contract valuation standards that recognise the requirements of internal company management, financial reporting, and Australian Accounting standards
  • Advanced yet easy-to-manage project cost, revenue, risk and cash flow forecasting
  • Instant historical project performance & financial analysis throughout the lifecycle of a project, with comparatives from Original Tender, to In-Stage Position, and then to Forecast at Completion
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Asset and Plant Management

Jobpac Connect Asset and Plant Management supports multi-users, is fully integrated, and provides flexible reporting and enquiry functions. Assets can be tracked from acquisition to disposal and the solution is fully integrated to job costing, the job ledger, and general ledgers.

Integrated management of Fixed Assets brings you:

  • Holistic view of Asset Accounting, Depreciation, Finance, and Operating Leases
  • Simplified asset profitability and location tracking
  • Time-saving Repair and Maintenance Costing and project billing
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