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From pre-construction to post-completion, every major project relies on a complex network of architects, engineers, consultants, project managers, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers. Viewpoint For Projects allows for seamless, real time flow of drawings, documents and project data between all internal and external project stakeholders via desktop or mobile device. Huge amounts of communications and data need to be shared quickly among all stakeholders, and the most effective way to accomplish that is with Viewpoint For Projects.

Our in-depth understanding of the building of assets and technology gives Viewpoint the ability to deliver powerful software solutions for any firms involved with projects in:


  • Government (GS35F371BA)
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Sport & Leisure


  • Roads
  • Rail
  • Bridges
  • Utilities
  • Air
  • Ports


  • Power
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Natural Resources

No matter what market you serve, Viewpoint for Projects delivers a full collaboration tool at a lower cost of ownership with a SaaS model that allows users to easily publish project documents to external stakeholders-from feasibility and permitting through project handover and asset maintenance. Not only can users manage and track drawings, approvals, compliance reviews, risk assessments and BIM models, they can even access quality and safety documents for better tracking and maintenance of assets. Viewpoint is on the GSA schedule (GS35F371BA), and exceeds the latest compliance standards for information management at all datacenters.

Below is a sample of why Project Owners rely on Viewpoint:


Viewpoint provides project teams the collaborative control they need to gain the true benefits of BIM without the financial and time restraints of using self-hosted software.

Work Process Management

Drag and drop workflow engines allow for simple creation of key work processes.

These processes allow for a time and date stamped record of who has "ball in court" on key project deliverables and communications. Process support extends from the feasibility phases of project through handover and include key functions such as review and approval of engineering designs, processing vendor submittals, and change control.

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Design/Drawing Management

Version control ensures all your project teams are working off the most recent versions of documents – and also ensures every old version is tracked and never deleted.

Users can also time and date stamp every interaction against a document with an easy to use check-in/check-out function that ensures that multiple people are not working on same version at same time. With one common filing system for your project teams, Viewpoint makes it easy to reduce double handling of information.

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Transmittal Management

Seamlessly track issuance of documents and keep all necessary stakeholders updated with new versions.

Viewpoint's Transmittal Log allows a complete list of a project's transmittals to be viewed in a clear, organized format that can also be viewed in a Matrix format if preferred.

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Project Communication

Viewpoint's Outlook integration allows for drag and drop of key project communications to ensure contract and schedule related communications are not stored in individual email accounts.

It's never been easier to increase transparency between project members. Project communications can be quickly linked to key documents including drawings, vendor documents and submittal records. Any communication record is fully searchable which greatly reduces time to find key project information.

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Vendor/Subcontractor Document Control

Easily create "placeholders" that track anticipated document delivery as well as automated workflows that ensure vendor documents are reviewed in timely manner.

Vendors have access to a very easy to use interface where they can drag and drop submittals from Windows Explorer while Viewpoint automatically manages the revision history. Integration with on-line annotation/mark-up tools allow users to capture key review comments before being passed back to Vendors for updates.

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Interface Management

Viewpoint For Projects's Interface Management includes fully automated work processes used to manage all project Interface Points, Interface Agreements, and related action items.

Custom forms can also be created to capture necessary information related to each interface point/agreement. Online interface register is dynamically updated to provide real-time reporting on the status of all interface points/agreements. Internal and external party access is controlled by robust security profiles that ensure review and approvals are performed by proper team members.

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Mobile Field Management

Today's construction workers need to have information available in the field at their fingertips.

Viewpoint mobile solutions ensure necessary content is delivered effectively to the mobile platforms including iPad, Android and windows tablets. Capture site photos, review drawings, fill out key project forms such as non-conformance, daily reports or RFIs directly from the tablet.

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Document Imaging

Viewpoint provides customers batch-scanning solutions that works with industry-leading scanner technologies to instantly capture images from paper documents.

Paper documents can easily be captured and reviewed as part of any key project process.

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All project teams must ensure they're capturing necessary project information, but more importantly they must also ensure project managers understand where information is in its lifecycle.

Viewpoint’s custom reports/dashboards give project managers insight into the exceptions and bottlenecks on their projects. From reports on turn-around times not being met, or vendor score-cards that help determine how a vendor’s keeping up with their contributions; Viewpoint’s reporting capabilities keep vital project data in front of you and your project managers.

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Which product is right for your business?

Rely on the tablet-based Field View to shorten time spent recording data and managing paperwork, communicate faster with your supply chain, avoid errors via web communication, and preserve the integrity of your projects with quality assurance.

Your project teams can avoid missed deadlines using Viewpoint For Projects to more efficiently manage and track projects.