Work Order Management

Integrated Work Order Management for more efficient processing of service and small job work

Today more than ever, there is a need for a solution that streamlines the workflows of contract management, capacity planning, inbound call taking, work order processing, dispatching, billing and productivity and profitability analysis. It is vital to manage small job work orders with a tool that integrates with your entire operation for maximum efficiency.

Viewpoint Work Order Management enables you to increase field technician productivity and streamline work order processing, leading to improved quality and cash flow. Integrated with Vista™ by Viewpoint, Work Order Management is fast, efficient and scalable to grow with your business, while enhancing overall profitability. If you are a contractor who manages a high volume of small jobs our Work Order Management white paper shows you how our software system can give you the visibility you need to accurately price and quickly bill small job work orders.

Interactive Drag-and-Drop Dispatch Board – Comprehensive view of all work need to be performed and the available resources to perform the work. Schedule work orders across days or for a particular time within a given day and view work orders that are overdue or have an incomplete status from a prior day.

Comprehensive Work Order Quoting – Easily develop accurate and competitive quote and build up a quick estimate based on a flat price or T & M rate. Review estimates, make changes as necessary, and approve. Easily turn the quote into a work order without re-entering data.

Quick Customer Response with Inbound Call Taking – Facilitate fast response to customer calls and quickly locate customers and or service sites while fielding inbound service requests. Reference key information about the customer or site to administer the appropriate work and initiate key workflows as needed. Alerts, messages and controls ensure the dispatcher has all the information needed to respond to the customer quickly and accurately.

Flexible and Accurate Service Pricing – Establish pricing levels for automated and accurate pricing to ensure profitability and option to bill based on anticipated costs or as work orders are completed. Details of the work performed are captured and can be reviewed for immediate billing.

Streamlined Work Order Processing – Designed for speed, ease and flexibility, quickly and easily set-up, schedule and bill completed service work.

Productivity and Profitability Reporting – Improve visibility to managing service quality and profitability.