Built with Leading Technology for Leading Performance

Vista™ by Viewpoint is a highly scalable, easily configurable, rock-solid performer due to the robust platform on which it was built.

Introducing the workhorse of integrated construction software solutions.

Easy implementation and integration

The Microsoft SQL / .NET platform provides a framework for easier in­tegration with Microsoft systems and leading construction applications and tools. What this means for companies is that they don’t have to introduce several new components in order for the system to work, and to carry out business as usual. Rather, the Micro­soft SQL / .NET platform leverages the power of a company's existing operat­ing system, providing both cost and efficiency advantages.

This platform enables software devel­opers to create applications that work the way businesses do. Unlike with other solutions, developers can choose the components they need to produce versatile applications – and customers can build on their core software pack­age by selecting the components that best serve their business needs.

Microsoft .NET

Vista™ by Viewpoint is the industry's first ERP solution to utilize the .NET framework. This leading-edge technology delivers the industry's best user experience along with the simplest system administration around.

The .NET framework allows developers to use the same set of skills to rapidly build mission-critical, scalable applications.

  • Apply common skills across a variety of devices, application types, and programming tasks
  • Integrate with other tools and technologies to build the right solution with less work
  • Speeds development of compelling applications

Microsoft Server

Built for the Windows Server environment, Vista by Viewpoint utilizes standard technologies like Trusted Connections and automatic client updates, making routine administration easy and cost-effective.

For remote connectivity, you can access Vista through a multitude of options (including VPN or Terminal Services). Whether you are in the office or in the field, you can retrieve, enter, and analyze all of your critical information anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server helps you mange any data including images and rich media, any place at any time. Data is securely stored in a single database that can be accessed from anywhere. It is a robust platform that provides:

  • Reporting, analytics and integration
  • Highest levels of security, reliability and scalability
  • Data access from commonly used tools such as Microsoft Office™