Service Management

Viewpoint Service Management delivers integrated work order management for more efficient processing of service and small job work. Stay on top of maintenance work, streamline tracking on equipment maintenance, facilitate renewals and simplify your billing process.

Benefits Include

  • Simplified work order creation
  • Flexible work order scheduling
  • Easily capture costs on completed work
  • Flexible, multiple work order billing
  • Streamlined tracking maintenance on equipment
  • Easily facilitate renewals
  • Simple, flexible billing for customer requirements

Features Include

  • Easily and quickly enter work orders in the system and create or change work orders as needed
  • Flexible scheduling for one or more technicians for a work order; easily re-schedule as needed, track trip progress and completion
  • Review for accuracy and bill in a timely fashion once work is completed and approved
  • Experience flexibility in partial billing and the ability to bill a work order more than once or bill more than one work order at a time. Easily identify work orders for review and bill all at once if needed
  • Define a maintenance schedule and the tasks to be performed for each piece of equipment on-site
  • Receive early notification of expiring agreements to effortlessly initiate the renewal process
  • Flexibility to bill customers as required, whether annually, monthly or on a customised schedule. Allows for periodic billing from a service agreement and/or at time of service from a work order


Vista™ by Viewpoint is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all areas of operations including Accounting/HR, Project Management, Equipment Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile, Estimating, Content Management and Service Management.