Construction Risk Management

Defining the Next Level of Pre-Construction


Built on real-world workflows to meet your business needs, Vista™ by Viewpoint's Pre-Construction module is an easy-to-use, integrated software solution that improves your pre-construction processes, enhances project team efficiencies and provides transparency in the project design, build and bidding process.


Avoid duplicate entry and unnecessary errors with the advantage with Project Management and Accounting integration.
Easily manage the bid process.
Gain an enhanced view into market trends and win/loss performance.
Have peace-of-mind before hiring subcontractors.
Lower risk with pre-qualified vendors.


  • Ability to create and link a PM project, customer contract, subcontracts, and "click of a button."
  • Information from the potential project, such as attachments and email correspondence, is directly accessible within your PM project.
  • Invitation to bid notifications and addenda sent from within PC are recorded along with any responses specific to the potential project and bid package. These email records can then be later accessed by the potential and or/bid package.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Word.

Enhanced Workflow and Bid Management

  • Assist your estimating department in managing the bid process with bid administration feature.
  • Track coverage of your bid invitations by recording bid responses, receipts and prices.
  • Create and track pre-bid RFIs, transmittals and notes of each project.
  • Record dates and information about bid day, prebid meetings and planning costs.
  • Use one-touch set-up in Project Management once project is awarded.
  • Break down projects into manageable units such as bid packages, scopes and phases, record dates and information for each.
  • Tie forecasts into WIP and future planning.
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Subcontractor Qualification and Performance Tracking

  • Access and leverage information in your prequalification database to select and send Invitation to Bid, Addenda and notifications.
  • Use a simple form or direct input option for contractors to provide data.
  • Maintain objective criteria for effective contractor evaluation.
  • Easily comply with government reporting that allows for tracking money spent on projects partnered with minority business enterprises (SWMBE).
  • Track small or minority business bids and manage your SWMBE goals.
  • Track project opportunities and bid performance.

Pre-Construction is a key module of fully integrated Viewpoint V6 Software. A software solution designed to reduce costs, streamline workflow and ultimately make every project more profitable.

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