Construction Job Costing

The heart of managing better job profitability

Job Cost is at the core of Vista™ by Viewpoint. Designed to deliver Accounting and Operations timely and accurate information on the progress of jobs in useful formats, Job Cost provides an extensive library of reports and drill-down inquiries. These reports and inquiries can be copied and modified, or new reports can be developed using flexible Crystal Reports™. With Job Cost businesses can:

Streamline Data Flow – Enter job budgets and change orders directly in Job Cost, or import from various estimating products through the Viewpoint Project Management system. Committed costs are established as the job “buyout” flows through the Purchase Order and Subcontract modules and actual costs are updated from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Equipment Management and Inventory.

Track Job Progress – Report and update job progress in units or percent complete. Analysis of job performance compared to budget is available for all stored values, including units, hours, and costs, as well as calculated values such as cost/unit, hours/unit, units/hour, etc.


  • View immediate cost information to assure every project is under budget and profitable.
  • Provide quick information for managers on the progress of jobs.
  • Receive real-time cost updates from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Equipment Management and Inventory.

Following are the features of Job Cost designed to provide your business with the up-to-the-minute information they need to make sure every project is still under budget and profitable.

Effective Project Accounting

  • Stay ahead of surprises on projects in progress with unique project-specific data and reporting features.
  • Enter job budgets and change orders directly in Job Cost or import from various estimating products through the Vista's Project Management system.
  • Automatically calculate projected final costs based on job-to-date costs and units or percent complete.
  • Link Job Cost phases to billing items to analyze item profit or for creating job billings.
  • View detailed breakdown of equipment and assign employees by phase cost type during the projection process.
  • Use flexible multi-part codes to allow job numbers and phase numbers to be defined with different levels or parts.
  • Set a maximum retainage amount on a percentage or flat rate basis with automatic retainage tracking; billing process adjusts or discontinues retainage as the limit is reduced or met.
  • Track change orders with the optional Project Management module from pre-approved or “pending” status through approval process, updating budgets, committed costs and contract values in Job Cost.
  • Automatically make overhead allocations based on user-defined criteria.
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Increased Efficiencies and Improved Financials

  • Override revenue and cost projections at the job/ contract level for Work-in-Progress and financial reporting purposes.
  • Track jobs or contract items linked to profit centers in GL integration with General Ledger.
  • Reconcile Job Cost to General Ledger easily since revenue and cost types are tied to specific account codes.
  • View payroll hours and costs, equipment and material usage and other data immediately updated to Job Cost.
  • Establish committed costs as job “buyout” flows through Purchase Order and Subcontract modules.
  • Automatically update actual costs from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Equipment Management, Inventory and Material Sales modules.
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Easy Reporting

  • Access extensive library of job cost reports and drill-down inquiries.
  • Copy and modify reports and inquiries or create new reports with Crystal Reports™.
  • Drill-down on reports from summarized levels without having to navigate through multiple screens.
  • Create user-defined memo fields and notes throughout the system to track miscellaneous information for sorting and reporting purposes.

Job Cost is a key module of fully integrated Vista suite. A software solution designed to reduce costs, streamline workflow and ultimately make every project more profitable.