Construction Financial Planner

A Simple Solution for Better Budgeting

Financial Planner is offered as an add-on module of Viewpoint Construction Software's financial planning tool – Financial Manager. Fully integrated with Vista™ by Viewpoint's General Ledger for simplicity and efficiency, Financial Planner provides easy-to-use tools for detailed budgeting, planning and forecasting in key areas such as Operations and Salary. Enable unlimited collaboration without sacrificing control thanks to utilization of Web technology, a secure centralized database, dynamic data entry views/templates and a multi-level workflow system.

With Financial Planner you’ll have the tools necessary for exceptional financial management that meet the needs of every area in your business.


  • Reduce budgeting cycle time and eliminate spreadsheets.
  • Easily manage the budget approval process with multi-level workflow routings.
  • View immediate impact of a budget change on a specific account, department, division or entire organization.
  • Assign flexible security roles in combination to specific users to achieve desired access while minimizing maintenance effort.
  • Easily plan and forecast staffing requirements and expenditures.

Following are the features of Financial Planner that help decision makers keep their businesses optimized:

Budgeting & Planning

  • Support multiple planning scenarios throughout the budget process - the number of versions is unlimited.
  • Precisely control budget data for editing and analysis through the use of highly flexible views and templates.
  • Ability to define selection criteria, subtotaling, filtering, ordering and the inclusion of comparative and calculated data provides users with a highly productive interface.
  • Manage the budget approval process through multi-level, role-based workflow routings.
  • Ability to plan and forecast for multiple future years.
  • Track every change made to the budget including who made the change and when and why it was made.
  • Create journal entries or balanced budget transfers, copy existing journals and reverse.
  • Provide a variety of modeling tools to end-users and budget coordinators.
  • Increase or decrease selected data by specified percentages or amounts.
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Operations Budgeting

  • Data can be allocated based on percentages or other specified drivers.
  • Ability to combine or change sets of data based on defined formulas.
  • Generate forecasts by combining budgets and YTD actuals.

Salary Planning

  • Utilize a single data model to allow easy definition of elements such as pay cycles, union groups, benefits parameters, positions and steps/grades.
  • Split individual compensation and benefit amounts among multiple departments, projects or cost centers based on a percentage, FTE or fixed dollar amount.
  • Access data with the Reporting tool for the production of user-defined reports.
  • The security system ensures that each user can view and/or change only authorized information.