Construction Financial Planning

Simplified Solutions for Better Budgeting

Financial planning provides the insight necessary for exceptional financial management for all areas of your construction business. Construction projects are inherently high-risk, varied, and volatile, making easy-to-use and detailed budgeting, planning, and forecasting tools imperative for success.

Knowing where you stand on each project at any given time – especially when course corrections are required – can make the difference between reaping profits and bearing losses on your projects. Foster collaboration without sacrificing control using secure, centralised databases, dynamic data entry views/templates, and multi-level workflow systems.

Benefits Include

  • Reduce budgeting cycle time and eliminate spreadsheets
  • Easily manage the budget approval process with multi-level workflow routings
  • View immediate impact of a budget change on a specific account, department, division or entire organisation
  • Assign flexible security roles in combination to specific users to achieve desired access while minimising maintenance effort
  • Easily plan and forecast staffing requirements and expenditures

Features Include

Budgeting & Planning

  • Support multiple planning scenarios throughout the budget process - the number of versions is unlimited
  • Manage the budget approval process through multi-level, role-based workflow routings
  • Plan and forecast for multiple future years
  • Track every change made to the budget: who made the change, when, and why it was made
  • Extend a variety of modelling tools to end-users and budget coordinators
  • Generate forecasts by combining budgets and YTD actuals

Report Design

  • Produce multi-level financial reports that drill-down to budget or account detail with the ability to flag exceptions for quick and concise review
  • Use an intuitive, built-in visual designer to easily layout and modify reports
  • Create a variety of 2D and 3D chart types with extensive and easy-to-use charting capabilities
  • Feel safe with a role-based security system – report design and editing features are secure and users have access only to authorised data


Vista™ by Viewpoint is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all areas of operations including Accounting/HR, Project Management, Equipment Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile, Estimating, Content Management and Service Management.