Construction Accounting Software

Maximize your job profitability. Lower your risk. Enhance your reporting.

One of the main causes of inefficiency is the use of non-integrated software applications. The challenge is finding construction accounting software that is truly integrated to the rest of the business for increasing companywide efficiency. Without this integration, the tendency is to seek workarounds, greatly reducing your ability to eliminate errors and unnecessary duplicate entry.

Benefits Include

  • Know how your business is performing with integrated Accounting and Project Management modules
  • Reduce risk with tightly controlled data, security, reports, and information
  • Timely capture of remote data – labour, equipment, production, notes

Features Include

  • Powerful cost projection and W.I.P. reporting system
  • One-step, industry-standard progress billings as well as flexible T&M billing rules
  • Efficient multi-company and inter-company processing
  • Automated ‘pay-when-paid’ processing of subcontractor invoices
  • Subcontractor/supplier compliance system alerts your team on overdue documents and insurance expirations, etc.
  • Compare invoices with quoted costs on subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Batch entry and easy editing make corrections simple – online prompts eliminate the need for stacks of reference printouts

Select the product that is right for your business

For Medium to Large-sized Businesses
Vista™ by Viewpoint is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all areas of operations including Accounting/HR, Project Management, Equipment Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile, Estimating, Content Management and Service Management.

For Small to Medium-sized Businesses
Fully integrated, cloud-deployed, Jobpac Connect by Viewpoint compiles your real-time financials, projects, plant and equipment and payroll data into one comprehensive system.