Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is more than just 3D design – it’s a collaborative work environment to detect clashes, improve estimating speed and accuracy, and reduce inefficiencies in the construction phases. This up-front collaboration results in faster project delivery because rework and changes are effectively minimised or eliminated in the design phase. BIM files are easily exchanged or networked amongst all project stakeholders to ensure everyone on a project is looking at the same information.

Benefits Include

  • Faster project delivery
  • Reduced cost from increased efficiency
  • Reduced risk with early detection
  • Increased transparency with better visibility
  • Easy client handover at project completion

Features Include

  • Resolve complex construction details before the project goes on site and take advantage of intelligence and rich data within the model
  • Manage activities with more consistent data capture and reporting, better audit trails and digitised 'paperwork'
  • Reduce errors requiring costly variations on site by spotting and resolving issues with the design or data
  • Provide more visibility to stakeholders in the progress on designs by bringing together the project model, data and document in our free plugin viewer
  • Avoid excessive time at the end of a project by easily producing the handover to the owner when data is created

Viewpoint For Projects is the right product for your business

Viewpoint For Projects provides a browser-based solution that enables project teams to easily access, edit, and revise BIM models, providing a complete picture of the project.