Project Communications

Facilitate team collaboration with project communication tools that capture and archive the exchange of information and ideas. Documents can be routed through a customisable review and approval workflow and team members can assign tasks with reminders and alert notifications.

Plus, improve communication with tools to manage email and correspondence; every query or instruction process can be captured and stored and is fully searchable—even beyond the completion of the project.

You can better mitigate risk by keeping tasks on track so deadlines aren’t missed. The user-friendly solution offers a familiar look and feel, as well as sophisticated security and permissions to meet your key requirements.

Project Communications

Benefits Include

  • Immediate and easy access to key project information
  • Visibility and transparency across all projects
  • Workflows for routing communications around processes such as change orders, subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Reduce time spent searching and retrieving documents
  • Reduce project communication turnaround time
  • Complete audit trail where emails are captured, stored and can be searched—even after the completion of the project
  • Secure, collaborative structure where users or groups can only see or do what you want